The Japanese are tired.
Japan is a country where the word Suimin-Fusai (sleep deficit) has become a buzzword, while improvement in productivity is a constant demand.

With the lowest sleep time among developed countries, the problem remains unsolved.

EMOOR launched the Sleep Project in Japan, to take the first step toward realizing our vision to “Energize people around the world through sleep".


The Emoor Sleep Project aims to solve problems
related to sleep in three steps.

Using sleep research, product planning, IT and
information we will achieve our goal to
"Energize people around the world through sleep".


To improve sleep, we need to be aware of it.
Sleep Wear made in Japan,
with high-performance materials and sewed
using craftsmanship techniques, suppresses
the stress accumulated on the skin.

It’s not a matter of age or gender.
Sleeping well is vital.
Dress yourself for change.

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EMOOR Smart Headphone

Connect the Smart Headphone to a smartphone to analyze your sleep state, assist your sleep and waking up time.

EMOOR Sleep Dot

Just place the Sleep Dot on the pillow you normally use. With this multi-sensor device, you can visualize your own sleep state.

Sleep Gear can use all of these functions via a special free app. Please install it on your smartphone.

Do you want
to know more about your

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Multiple projects underway to change
the way you sleep.
EMOOR is looking for engineers
who wish to participate.

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