Carolina Clivati
Carolina Clivati

I’m from Brazil, and I started studying Japanese on 2010, and entered Letters – Japanese course at Federal University of Parana, on 2014. Since then, I always wanted to work as a translator. Also, I love design, and enjoy using Photoshop. By 2016 I started translating manga as a hobby, and even did it as a project at my University. That was when I realized I wanted to do it in my life, as a professional.
Going to Japan was my dream since I was little, and I got the chance to make it come true by the end of August 2018, as exchange student at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for 1 year. At the scholarship I got, it is obligatory to do internship for about 2 weeks, and I had to choose where I wanted to do it. They showed me various companies, but when I saw the possibility of doing what I love at the country I love, I could not help but get really excited about it. I would have to translate some products descriptions from Japanese to English, and make pages at Amazon US. Since it required a little more time, I had to work there for 1 month.
When I started my work as intern at EMOOR, I was very nervous about it. One of the reasons was because I would be the only foreign working there, and ever since I went to Japan, I was always stared by Japanese, no matter where I was. So I was afraid I was going to feel bad at a place where I would be surrounded only by Japanese people. But I was wrong. Everyone at EMOOR was very kind to me; I could feel it since my first day there, until the last day of my internship. The working place is great as well, with beautiful decoration and gentle colors, so I would not get tired of there. I enjoyed every single day, even if it was busy.
I actually got sad when it was getting close to the end, but I got the news that there was the possibility of working part-time job, and I already showed interest before. Some weeks after my internship ended, they contacted me, and I got back to work at EMOOR. I could not be happier.
Working at EMOOR was truly a realization of my dream, and certainly a great experience for my career as a translator, and for the future, when I go back to Japan.

ブラジル出身/パラナ連邦大学文学部日本語学科 在学中(2019年時点)